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As a little girl my main focus in life was animals...particularly horses! Growing up I was privileged enough to have the chance to own my own pony and in the coming years, a diverse line of some "once in a lifetime" horses.

The commitment, dedication and love for these beautiful animals has led me to where I am today; breeding, training, riding and constantly learning to improve my skills and knowledge in order to cement the bond and connection with these sometimes wonderfully frustrating beings. 

The constant sourcing of necessities and accessories to work and ride in the competitive horse industry has driven me to search for not only products but also brands that are quality and boutique. However, we all know that horses can sometimes (most of the time) cost the Earth! The struggle to find affordable products that are high quality but also chic can sometimes be hard. That's why we aim to source products and brands that are still within the everyday horse owner's budget!

I am an advocate that looking good also makes you feel good and a POSITIVE MIND results in a POSTIVE RIDE. Together with Centreline Equestrians co-owner Michelle (also known as Mum), our aim is to showcase and deliver products that help you present both horse and rider, in the best possible way. 

Horses are a passion to many of us and the endless hard work and commitment to train these animals and present them in the competition field is a hard task and one we all know too well. Confidence in the manner in which you portray yourself when you ride into that arena or competition field is highly advantageous to a successful outcome.

To both horse and rider, we would love to be a part of your journey and will always endeavor to assist you to look your best, feel confident, sit tall and be proud when you decide to ride down that CENTRELINE, and in the direction of your dreams!

Abbie - Centreline Equestrian XO


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